I Won a $3K Gaming Rig from Maximum PC

Josh Norem

Five questions with the winner of our Maingear/AMD giveaway

Last month we gave away a righteous rig (equipped with a i7-3770K CPU , two AMD Radeon HD 7970 s in crossfire, and 8GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM in a sleek Maingear F131 chassis ) courtesy of AMD and Maingear on our Facebook page , and a enthusiastic gentleman named Sean Pisto from Canadia was the lucky recipient of the prize. We asked him to share with us whether or not he thought he was going to win, what his old gaming PC was running, and what it was like to take it out of the box for the first time. The Q&A is posted below!

1. How old are you, where do you live, and how long have you been a Maximum PC reader?

I am 22, and I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. I've been reading and following Maximum PC for quite a few years. It started with me buying an issue every time I was on a ferry, and grew from there.

2. What are the specs of your current system?

The PC I had when I entered the contest featured the following:
Processor - Intel Core i5-3570K
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-V
RAM - 16GB Mushkin Enhanced Redline Frostbyte
Video Card - EVGA GeForce GTX 470
Case - Cooler Master HAF 922
Power Supply - Corsair 850TX

3. Did you think you had a chance of winning?

Not in the slightest. I enter tons of contests and the pattern is I forget about it after a few days and never hear anything again.

4. What did you think when you first received contact from us?

I was trying to remember what I entered.  I finally Googled it expecting it to be a mousepad or something, and couldn't believe my eyes when I found the contest page again and saw it was for a $3,000 gaming system. Then my brain ran through the number of ways this could be a hoax, a joke, or a scam.  Finally the truth set in and I got a wee bit excited.

5. What was the unboxing like, and what is the system like now that it’s up and running?

I knew it was supposed to come late on the Monday, so I sat in the front room of my house and frantically looked out the window every time I heard a vehicle.  When it finally arrived I immediately took it out of the box and just stared at it in awe for a while.  Finally I took the picture (above) and started setting it up.
So far it runs like a top. It's nice being able to crank up every setting in games without having to even worry about performance.  On top of that it’s significantly smaller (and prettier) than my old PC, which will be awesome for LAN's.  All in all, I can’t thank Maximum PC enough. This was truly unreal.

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