Hynix Develops World's First 40nm Class 2Gb GDDR5


Hynix today announced what it claims are the industry's first 2Gb (gigabit) GDDR5 chips using the 40nm manufacturing process. Boasting 7Gb/s of bandwidth and processing power of up to 28GB/s with a 32-bit I/O, these rank as the highest density graphics memory available.

But it's not all about sheer speed. Hynix says its new 2Gb chips also impress on the power consumption front. With an operation voltage of 1.35V, energy consumption drops down by 20 percent over previous parts built on 50nm technology, the company claims.

Hynix will begin mass producing the new chips in the second half of next year to coincide with increased demand for high-performance graphics memory.

Image Credit: Hynix

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