Hurt Locker P2P Lawsuit Ends, But Zombie Subpoenas Haunt Users

Ryan Whitwam

The movie studio the made the Best Picture-winning film “The Hurt Locker” made some waves nearly two years ago when it started filing mass lawsuits against people it claims pirated the film. The goal was to extort settlements from defendants, not to go to court. The case has come to an unsatisfying end for Voltage Pictures as it could not subpoena records fast enough to match names to IP addresses. Although the case is over, some individuals are still being harassed by lawyers for Voltage.

Nearly 25,000 people were sued, but Voltage Pictures only had IP addresses to go on. After multiple delays in getting ISPs to comply with subpoenas and divulge personal details, the case was dropped this month. Some users are still receiving notices that Voltage Pictures is seeking their records despite there being no pending case. Some of those affected were not even included in the original case. Several lawyers asked about the situation called the actions of Voltage Picture’s lawyers unethical.

Mass lawsuits are by no means over, with many still pending in courts across the country. However, it’s not turning out to be the quick buck that copyright holders were hoping for.

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