HummingBoard All Set to Give Raspberry Pi a ‘Solid Run’ for its Money



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HummingBoard Benchmarks: I just did a benchmark comparison between the HummingBoard, Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi. You can find the results here:


Perplexing Man

After checking out the specs of the high end model I can't deny that I am not interested in this, however for that price I can get a second raspberry pi and save 20 bucks roughly.

As for the Pi having an all out war I seriously doubt that would happen as mentioned by Rob Mullins (co-founder) "The primary goal was to build a low cost computer that every child could own, and one where programming was the natural thing to do with it"

I say they have without a doubt succeeded in accomplishing this. If anything the Hummingboard might be what the world needs to stimulate the minds of others to push forth with wonderful innovations such as these. In time these boards may very well be more commonplace than a traditional desktop PC.



Only the top of the line model has:

PCI-E g2
IR port
2 addtnl USB ports (4 total)
gigabit Ethernet support (though due to the chip, it's limited to 470Mbps)

The cheaper models have NONE of this stuff. The only advantage I can see is that it supports Linux distros, Android, and even Windows (apparently), all of which is not really an option on the pi.

Of course the pi was never about power, it was about building a usable system for dirt cheap, one you can put in a sacrificial experimental setup, or a full fledged networked data-logger, or hell, even a drone. Frankly for none of what the Pi was designed for does this Hummingboard seem any better.



pretty spiffy, looks like the pi needs to play a bit of catchup



It's also got an IR receiver!



...and let the wars begin...

Is it as useful for robotics as the pi?