Humble Store Feeds Your Appetite for Discounted Games Around the Clock

Paul Lilly

Score great deals and good will whenever the urge strikes

Here's a dose of awesome to start off your work week. The good hearted folks behind the popular Humble Bundle launched the Humble Store today. What is the Humble Store, you ask? It's a virtual market with new, fixed-priced titles arriving each day. Similar to the Humble Bundles you may have participated in, part of the proceeds goes to charity -- in this case, ten percent to select charities including the American Red Cross, Child's Play, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You don't get to name your own price like you do during the two-week Humble Bundle events, but it will have more games to choose from with a catalog that gets updated daily. The debut sales feature the following games at the following sale prices:

  • Don't Starve: $7.49
  • Prison Architect Alpha: $14.99
  • Orcs Must Die! 2 - Complete: $6.25
  • Gunpoint: $4.99
  • Rogue Legacy: $7.49
  • The Swapper: $4.99
  • Natural Selection 2: $6.25
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: $6.25
  • Chivalry Medieval Warfare: $6.25

“I am extremely excited by the Humble Store because I think it expands Humble Bundle's ability to be useful to game developers and gamers while supporting great causes,” said John Graham, Co-Founder and COO of Humble Bundle.

The Humble Store is now open.

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