Humble Indie Bundle Returns with Brand New Games, Same Old Wonderfulness

Maximum PC Staff

Seeing as kindness isn't an officially accepted currency, we're not entirely sure how the Humble Indie Bundle continues to stay afloat, but one thing's for sure: we love it to pieces. For the uninitiated, here's the gist: you spend whatever amount you want – from one cent to your life's savings – on five great indie games. Next, you distribute your spendings among charities and game developers as you see fit. And lastly, the world becomes a better place .

This time around, developer Frozenbyte is the star of the show, with fantastic fantasy platformer-RPG Trine leading the pack. Meanwhile, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Shadowgrounds, Splot, and the never-before-finished Jack Claw round out the package.

But wait, you're probably wondering, what's the catch? Probably some utterly heinous DRM, right? Nope. No DRM, actually. None whatsoever.

So then, get to it. Unless you literally have less than one cent, you have no excuse. If that is your problem, though, we're very sorry. Have you tried starting some form of indie game bundle?

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