Hulu Plus Open to All

Ryan Whitwam

Hulu announced on their company blog this morning that the premium Hulu Plus service has officially been opened to all interested viewers . Previously, you needed an invite to sign up for the pay service. As of now, the video streaming site is charging $9.99 per month for access to the expanded catalog of shows. There were rumblings that Hulu would be lowering the Price to $5, but that hasn't happened yet.

Paying users will have access to Hulu Plus on the PC, iPad, PS3, Roku, and some Blu-ray players. Hulu also took to opportunity to showcase the expanding lineup of Plus content including The Event and No Ordinary Family. Hulu Plus has gotten some poor reviews due to limited content. Much of what is available is also on the free version of the service.

Now that any random user can sign up, Hulu may begin hearing complaints about the selection. Perhaps some changes, like the rumored price drop, could happen somewhere down the road. Have you tried Hulu Plus? Was it worth it?

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