Hulu Plus and Blockbuster On Demand Now Available on Vizio Internet Apps Platform

Paul Lilly

Hulu Plus has become a holy grail of sorts in terms of app integration, and just as Indiana Jones was able to get his hands on the mystical cup in The Last Crusade, Vizio says it's managed to track down Hulu Plus and add it to its VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) platform.

Vizio also added Blockbuster On Demand, both of which you'll find embedded into several CE connected devices, including LCD HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

"Our Vizio Internet Apps platform continues to be the most innovative and compelling connected experience for consumer electronics," said Matthew McRae , Chief Technology Officer at Vizio. "Service and application partners focus on Vizio because of the seamless user experience, class leading features, and award winning devices. The result is a product that gives consumers unprecedented choice and access to the best of what the web has to offer."

Both of these additions are subscription services. For Hulu Plus, you'll have to fork over $7.99/month, while Blockbuster On Demand offers rentals ranging in price from $2.99 to $3.99, and purchases priced $5.99 to $19.99.

Image Credit: Vizio

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