Hulu May Drop Plus Service to $4.95 a Month

Ryan Whitwam

It looks as though video streaming site Hulu is on the verge of dropping the price of their Hulu Plus service dramatically. The pay service, which launched in June for $10 per month, could be cut in half to only $4.95 a month. This may be an indication that Hulu has been unable to lure in enough users during the beta period to make the service viable.

Hulu Plus as designed to bring in a second, and presumably larger, revenue stream. But lacking selection has apparently stifled demand. Many of the shows Hulu offers additional content for on Hulu Plus are from the studios that own stakes in Hulu including Fox, NBC, and ABC. Most cable shows are left out of the Hulu Plus line-up.

We're forced to wonder, is this an indication that Hulu won't be getting a better selection? If they could beef up the catalog, keeping the $10 price point could be a possibility. Since they are lowering the price, that could be a sign that it isn't getting much better than this. Would you subscribe to Hulu Plus for $5 a month?

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