Hulu Going After Netflix with Original Series of its Own

Ryan Whitwam

Not to be beaten at its own game, TV streaming service Hulu has started airing its first original series to compete with Netflix. The show is called Battleground , and it centers around a Senate campaign in Wisconsin. Netflix just debuted it’s first series Lilyhammer, but the two companies are going about things quite differently.

Netflix is a subscription-only service, whereas Hulu has a public-facing version with limited content. Battleground is being offered up to paying and non-paying users alike on Hulu. Netflix chose to release all 8 episodes of the big-budget Lilyhammer at once for viewers to plow through. Hulu’s Battleground is dropping a new episode every Tuesday in classic TV fashion.

Both companies are trying to gain a foothold in scripted content outside the traditional TV industry. For Netflix, this is only natural, but Hulu is partially owned by TV studios. It seems unlikely its benefactors would like to see too much original web content take off.

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