Hulu Finally Announces "Hulu Plus" Subscription Service

Ryan Whitwam

After months of speculation, Hulu has finally revealed their premium paid service , called Hulu Plus. Users will pay $9.99 per month for the privilege to access additional content not available on the free version. Subscribers to the new service will also be able to enjoy content on a number of new devices like iPads, iPhones, and Blu-Ray players. Support for the PS3 is expected sometime in July, and the Xbox will get a Live Gold tie in early in 2011.

It's unclear if users will respond positively to this new pay model. Hulu was created to discourage illegal distribution of content. Adding a pay wall could just drive users back to old habits. That being said, the regular Hulu isn't going away. The big difference will be the full seasons of programs on the Plus service. The free Hulu only offers a few episodes of popular shows. Items from the back catalog will also be made available on Hulu Plus. Depending on the platform, some content will be available in 720p.

We're a little concerned that it is being escribed as an "ad-supported subscription product". It looks like the fee won't get rid of the ads. For the time being, the service is invitation only. You can sign up here to request access. Is this something you'd pay for? If not, what is still missing for you?

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