Hulu CEO Claims $240 Million 2010 Revenue

Ryan Whitwam

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar offered up some interesting numbers today  to illustrate the strength of the streaming video service. If you take Kilar's word for it, the prognosis is good. According to Kilar, Hulu is on track to make over $240 million in revenue in 2010. Other notable figures included 30 million monthly users, 800 million ad impressions, and 352 ad partners.

Not bad for a service that many pundits expected to fail out of the gate. Hulu has made its way by showing limited ads during video streams. A pay versions was launched recently, but it's not clear how much of the total revenue will come from those $10 per month subscriptions.

One thing is clear about this: internet TV is big, and as much as the networks might want to think of Hulu as a secondary content source, it is fast becoming a dominant one. We're interested to see how Hulu does now that the paid Hulu Plus service is open to everyone. Of course, Kilar didn't mention profits, so it's possible Hulu is still treading water. Could we be seeing sky-high profits soon?

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