Hulu Accepting Bids, Could Sell for $2 Billion

Paul Lilly

It's no secret Hulu's owners want to sell the video streaming service, but what isn't isn't yet know is who will buy it and how much Hulu will fetch. Hulu set a deadline for Wednesday for suitors to submit their initial bids, and this could turn out to be a multi-billion dollar deal, according to The Wall Street Journal .

WSJ is getting its information from "people familiar with the matter" who claim the bids are likely to vary wildly depending on what TV shows Hulu lines up, as well as other factors, such as how long before shows would stream on Hulu after they air on television, and length of agreements with Hollywood studios.

Factoring all that in, WSJ's sources say bids could range from around $500 million up to $2 billion. Potential suitors include Amazon, DirecTV, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others.

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