HTC Posts Rare Profit on Flagship Phone Sales



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I have the HTC One M7 I purchased Oct 2013. It is the best phone that I ever had. I would replace it with the M8 if something happened to it. I am glad to hear that HTC is making a come back.



This is good news. I love my HTC M7. I would have upgraded to the M8 but HTC has done such a good job keeping the SW up to date that it actually is like a brand new phone with the recent SW download with Sense 6.0. No other phone I have tried has the speaker/sound quality of the HTCs (and that includes both Apple and Samsung phones).



This is great news, I was staying hopeful that HTC wouldn't go under. It's always good to know there will be more strong competition on the market.



Go figure.
It doesn't have the removable battery, but they added the microSD slot. NOW, if I had to pick between the M8 and the S5, I might actually pick the M8 this time 'round. Where as last time I picked the S4 (actually picked it and use it) over the M7.

Next Gen Improvements: Get USB 3.0, drop their crappy "UltraPixel" camera for one that takes a decent resolution and faster (read: like every other phone on the market), and work on putting 802.11ad in the phone by the NFC (then Android beam would be really fast, that would be an awesome feature).

Eventually I'll want to see Andriod L, but I'll cool my heels on that for another year.



I have the HTC(M8) as a work phone and I absolutely love it! Any hesitation that I had about replacing my IPhone next time I upgrade was completely banished.



The biggest problem with HTC is the *problems*... so many! I see all kinds of samsung handsets come in with broken screens, and that's all that's wrong with them. HTC however, it's just random shit, cameras stop working despite factory resets, speakers stop working, erratic touchscreens, backlights stop working, shit this one phone would turn on, but from the moment you plugged it in and gave the battery power, to the point it would turn off, it vibrated constantly. I might add this is the HTC One model i'm referring to, over a 6 month period. It's no wonder they fell like they did.


Sir Hobbes3

Welp, when you let the little kids in China be your lead manufacturers and Q&A people, your quality decreases like Apple, except with HTC, they don't have a cool apple with a bite out of it on the back of their phones, so they aren't "cool" even though Apple really isn't innovative or "good" compared to the rest of the smartphone market.