HTC Starts Scrubbing Carrier IQ From Sprint Phones

Brad Chacos

Long before legislation was dominating the headlines, the Carrier IQ controversy raised the hackles of tech geeks and privacy advocates around the world. Even though the software didn’t turn out to be quite as nefarious as was originally reported, carriers and manufacturers still started distancing themselves from the tracking and diagnostic software. Along those lines, HTC is starting to roll out updates designed to scrub Carrier IQ off of its Sprint phones, starting with the HTC EVO 3D.

In fact, Android Central reports that some EVO 3D users have already gotten the update. Sprint stopped collecting Carrier IQ data a while back , so the move is more house cleaning than anything else. The Verge tapped HTC for comment , and they said updates for other phones will be forthcoming:

HTC can confirm that we're working with Sprint to provide maintenance releases that will remove Carrier IQ and provide security enhancements and bug fixes beginning in January .

Between this and SOPA possibly being shelved, it’s starting to look like complaining on the Internet can actually be constructive!

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