HTC Slightly Intrigued by Chrome OS, is Considering Building Devices Around It

Paul Lilly

Remember Chrome OS? Google's cloud-based operating system was all over the news when Chromebooks first came out, and then they virtually disappeared from headlines. Until recently, that is. Acer a few days ago announced a price drop for its AC700 Chromebook, and Samsung said it was coming out with a Piano Black color option. But the biggest news is that HTC seems at least mildly interested in Chrome OS.

HTC helped Android becoming a raging success by building device after device around the open source platform. Now the company is trying to decide if makes sense combining the advantages of Chrome OS and Android for use in Internet-connected devices, according to DigiTimes .

We're not sure exactly what kind of devices HTC is considering, but DigiTimes says it would be something between a tablet PC and a netbook. That sounds a lot like a Chromebook.

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