HTC Sets Goal of 8.5 Million Smartphone Shipments in Fourth Quarter

Paul Lilly

One thing HTC doesn't seem to struggle with is staying self motivated. Earlier this year, the handset maker set a goal to ship 6.5 million smartphones in the third quarter, and now the company wants to up the ante by shooting for 8.5 shipments for the fourth quarter.

Using our abacus and an advanced algorithm, we confirmed that number to be 2 million higher than before. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the potential for HTC to grab a 10 percent market share if it meets its goal.

Much of HTC's success is due to Google's Android platform, a point of focus for HTC since the OS first debuted. But looking ahead, HTC is also preparing itself to ride any waves of success Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform might create by offering four WP7 phones from the get-go, including the Surround, Mozart, Trophy, and HD7.

These are conservative numbers HTC is putting out, too. Some analysts predict HTC will ship between 9 million to 10 million devices in the fourth quarter, but due to component shortages, HTC is keeping its goals a little more cautious.

HTC Mozart, one of four Windows Phone 7 devices HTC is putting out.

Image Credit: HTC

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