HTC Rhyme is a Phone for the Ladies, Coming to Verizon for $199

Ryan Whitwam

HTC and Verizon have announced a somewhat unique device today. The long-rumored HTC Rhyme has been announced and Big Red is looking to get the ladies interested in this device. The Rhyme has mid-level hardware, a few included accessories, and a glowing charm. Oh, and it’s purple. Yep, HTC and Verizon have the female demographic totally figured out, right?

The Rhyme packs a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S2, 768MB of RAM, a 5MP rear camera, and VGA front sensor. This phone is 3G-only; no LTE radio on board here. The software on the Rhyme is a slightly tweaked build of Sense UI on Android 2.3. Some of the more flashy visual elements have been yanked, because you know, women apparently.

The Rhyme will cost $199 on contract, but comes with some passable headphones, a speaker dock, and the glowing notification charm. Users will plug the charm into the headphone jack, and it glows when a notification has been received. It’s not a bad deal, but the whole lady-phone thing seems a bit contrived to us.

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