HTC Publishes Blissfully Frustrating Android 4.0 Update List

Paul Lilly

Good news if you own an Amaze 4G smartphone from HTC. For those of you who do, HTC just released an update to Android 4.0, the latest and greatest open source mobile operating system from Google more deliciously known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Owners of HTC's Thunderbolt and Desire HD smartphones aren't as lucky, having to wait perhaps until August, or longer, receive an ICS upgrade, according to HTC's newly published Android 4.0 roadmap.

There are a total 17 smartphones on HTC's list .

"The majority of devices will receive upgrades in June and July 2012 and we expect to finish upgrades in August 2012 for all announced devices," HTC explains.

Why do some take longer than others, especially now that ICS has been out for awhile? As HTC tells it, "Because of partner and network testing, and approval processes for device updates, it can take up to 45 days for all carriers and countries to get the update after a rollout has begun."

The real unlucky bunch are those rocking devices with 512MB ROM or less, because generally speaking, those will not be upgraded to Android 4.0, HTC says. These include the HTC ChaCha, Salsa, Wildfire S, Explorer, and other smartphones, and HTC tablets such as the Flyer, EVO View 4G, and Jetstream.

As Digital Trends points out, some of HTC's devices will be in a holding pattern for ICS when Android 5.0 has been announced. Factoring in a rollout period that could be as long as 45 days, it could be September before phones such as the HTC Thunderbolt are upgraded, almost a full year after Google announced ICS.

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