Nathan Edwards Jun 25, 2008

HTC Mogul

At A Glance

Akbar-e-Azam (Moghul Emperor)

EVDO; Windows Mobile 6; Office Mobile; good voice quality

Downhill Moguls

Pricey; odd scroll-wheel placement.

To the surprise of some, companies continue to make handsets even after the Jobsian conception of the Jesus Phone, or, as it’s more commonly known to PC users, the iPhone. Rather than proving itself to be the phone of phones (see review here ), it is clear that we remain in a polytelephonic universe in which a number of devices, including HTC’s Mogul, show themselves to be worthy mobile handset options.

With a 2.8-inch screen, speedy EVDO broadband compatibility (upgradeable to Rev A), and Windows Mobile 6, the Mogul is a solid choice for those who need to get work done while away from the office but don’t necessarily always want to lug around a laptop. The included Office Mobile app and handy integrated keyboard allow users to edit and create Word and Excel files and view PowerPoint docs, and to stay connected, you can also access Exchange, POP3, and IMAP email accounts as well as send standard text messages (MMS, however, is not an option); the full slide-out keyboard is responsive with keys that are big enough to keep you from making too many typos, though you will have to use both hands to type. Overall, voice quality was good.

Accessing commonly used apps is easy thanks to the numerous buttons on the sides and face of the device. The Mogul allows for one-press access to email, Explorer, the camera, voice dialing, and the Comm Manager. A scroll wheel on the side and D-pad on the face also let you navigate menus. While the ease at which you can get to popular apps is a plus, the placement of the scroll wheel makes it easy to accidentally depress the power button.

Although seemingly built as a work device, the Mogul also features a number of multimedia options, including a 2MP 2x-zoom camera with video capture, Windows Media Player, and digital media downloads from Sprint’s music store. While it’s nice to have these features, the Mogul won’t supplant your camera and MP3 player.

The Mogul presents a good mix of power and portability. If you need access to Office apps while you’re on the road but still want an array of multimedia options, it’s a good, if pricey, choice.


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