HTC Milks Android Cash Cow, Revenues Higher than Expected

Paul Lilly

HTC can afford to live high on the hog this year after posting higher revenues than the company anticipated. For the first quarter of 2010, HTC reported $1.19 billion in revenue, a 19.33 percent increase from one year ago. In a best case scenario, HTC had hoped to report anywhere from $1 billion to $1.07 billion for the quarter.

New phone shipments played an integral role in driving up HTC's numbers, particularly Android-based smartphones to T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, market watchers noted. March was especially kind to HTC, in which revenues reached $515.57 million, a 60 percent sequential jump and 32.38 percent rise on year.

Market watchers expect HTC to perform even better in the second quarter, predicting revenues will reach as high as $1.37 billion.

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