HTC, Dropbox To Offer New Phone Owners 5GB Of Free Cloud Storage

Brad Chacos

Wouldn’t it be great if you could snap a picture or save a file on your Android phone and have it immediately available on your home PC, no tedious wires or emails necessary? Other phones already have the ability: Windows 7 Phones have Skydrive baked in and iPhone users have the iCloud, so where’s the Android love? Turns out, it’s at HTC, who recently entered into a partnership with Dropbox to offer 5GB of cloud storage to new Sense 3.5 phone owners for the low, low price of $0.

The first phone to feature the offer will be the glamorously controversial HTC Rhyme , the handset made specifically for the ladies (who have apparently been clamoring for more cloud storage). says that HTC has confirmed that the deal will be extended to all Sense 3.5 phones -- none of which are available now -- sometime in the future. To get the extra space – free Dropbox accounts normally offer only 2GB of space – you’ll need to connect to Dropbox from the browser on your Sense 3.5 phone once the deal becomes available. You'll still be able to boost the free storage capacity up to 10GB if you can convince other people (or, ahem, email accounts) to sign up for the Dropbox service.

It’s unknown whether or not existing HTC phone owners will get upgraded to Sense 3.5 or gain access to the free cloud storage, and HTC has been mum on the matter.

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