HTC Betting Big on 4G Smartphones

Paul Lilly

We might look back on 2011 as the year of 4G (in addition to the year of the tablet, year of Sandy Bridge, the year 3D fizzled, etc). That's what HTC's hoping for, as company execs have set an internal goal of shipping around 10 million 4G-enabled smartphones with support for either LTE or WiMAX, DigiTimes reports .

For the sake of comparison, HTC shipped just 3.5 million 4G smartphones in all of 2010, and that includes 3 million of the popular Evo 4G devices for Sprint. The other 500,000 were myTouch 4G phones for T-Mobile. Combined, the two smartphones accounted for 14 percent of HTC's total smartphone shipments.

This year HTC plans to supply 4G models to Verizon, Sprint, and some lesser known names in Europe and Japan. One of these will include the HTC Incredible HD, which will start shipping to Verizon in the second quarter.

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