HTC Anticipates 60 Million Handset Sales in 2011

Paul Lilly

When 2010 comes to a close, HTC can officially celebrate its greatest year ever, which is thanks in large part to the popularity of Google's Android platform. But as good as 2010 was to HTC, the handset maker expects to ship even more mobile devices in 2011.

According to a DigiTimes report , HTC has told its suppliers to ready parts and components for up to 60 million handsets next year. If HTC manages to ship 60 million devices, that would represent a three-fold increase over 2010, industry sources say.

We have little reason to doubt HTC's prediction. Not only does Android continue to woo smartphone buyers -- Google says it's seeing over 300,000 activations every day -- but Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform is shaping up to be a viable contender, too.

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