HTC Abandons its Tablet Ambitions

Ryan Whitwam

With all the buzz around tablets this year, it seemed natural that HTC would get into the game. Just as more details were starting to leak out, someone decided they were getting a bit ahead of themselves, and the project has been suspended . Rumor had it that one of the proposed tablets would be running Google’s Chrome OS. HTC is said to have built several functional prototypes based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

It seems likely that HTC thought it was more prudent to see how the tablet landscape looks after a certain Cupertino tech company has their say. HTC has stated their intention to "[focus] their efforts on a new generation of mobile phones". This probably means Android and Windows Mobile 7. Maybe after the dust settles, HTC will see an opening in the market. However, the longer they wait, the more crowded the field will be.

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