HP's Ultra-thin SpectreONE All-in-One PC Sports a Wireless Trackpad for Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Hewlett-Packard , still the world's largest pre-built PC player, introduced four new all-in-one desktop PCs today, including the SpectreONE, which is the first AIO to join the Spectre family. The other three include the HP Envy 23, Envy 20 TouchSmart, and Pavilion 20, the latter of which is the only one of the bunch that's a non-touch system. HP's SpectreONE doesn't sport a touchscreen either, but it does ship with a wireless trackpad that will allow users to scroll, swipe, and tap around Windows 8 when it ships in October.

"The clean look of an all-in-one PC and the ease of one-cord set-up are key reasons customers turn to HP," said James Mouton , senior vice president and general manager, Personal Computer Global Business Unit, HP. "The SpectreONE design is art as well as a powerful entertainment hub. Across our rich line of all-in-ones, we continue to drive value and differentiation that have earned us sales of more than 5 million all-in-ones."

In addition to a wireless trackpad, the SpectreONE is accompanied by a 23.6-inch flush-glass Full HD 1080p display, an unidentified Nvidia graphics card with 1GB of memory, third generation Intel Core processor options, optional SSD storage, NFC technology, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, HDMI input, Beats Audio, and various other odds and ends wrapped in a frame that's just 11.5mm thin.

The HP Envy 23 and Envy 20 are both touch-enabled AIOs with a similar feature-set as the SpectreONE, while the Pavilion 20 is for budget conscious buyers who aren't necessarily interested in the touch revolution sweeping the PC landscape.

HP says it will begin shipping the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart ($999), 20 TouchSmart ($799), and Pavilion 20 ($449) in October. The SpectreONE will be available in November starting at $1,299.

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