HP's Novel Solution to Pre-Boot Threats and Borked Firmware Updates is a Self-Healing BIOS

Paul Lilly

A BIOS with a built-in immunity system

One of the wonders of the human body is that it heals itself. The damage might be self-inflicted, like an accidental fall, or it could be caused by an attacker. Either way, the human body is tremendously adept at repairing cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other ailments. HP is taking that same concept and applying it to the PC's Basic Input/Output System, otherwise known as the BIOS.

It's called BIOSphere with SureStart technology, and according to HP, it's the industry's first and only self-healing security solution created to help organizations better mange risk and protect user and IT productivity. Developed with HP Labs, the self-healing BIOS can return to a previously safe state if attacked by malware or otherwise corrupted, such as by a failed BIOS update.

"The security landscape has become more complex as threats become more sophisticated and employees require device flexibility to coincide with their changing working environment," said Lorri Jefferson, director, Tablets and Software Strategy, HP. "These breakthrough security offerings are simple, seamless solutions that address these converging trends by delivering enterprise customers the ultimate fighting mechanism for mitigating risk, threats and negative business outcomes."

Assuming the technology works as advertised, there are multiple benefits for IT workers, including fewer help desk calls for crisis recovery or bricked units. It also means less downtime in the event of a malware attack, among other benefits.

Initially HP will roll out its SureStart technology globally on its EliteBoks beginning this fall.

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