HP's Discontinued TouchPad The Number 2 Tablet Of 2011

Brad Chacos

Here’s an amusing follow-up to the “ Could Apple Surpass HP As Top PC Vendor In 2012? ” article we posted yesterday. In case you missed it, here’s the Cliff Notes version: one analyst says that if you count tablets as PCs, Apple will become the world’s largest PC supplier in 2012. Now a new twist! According to the NPD Research Group, HP sold more tablets than anybody not named “Apple” so far in 2011. Before you get all worked up, that number’s not quite as exciting as it seems.

Remember that along with pondering the sale of its entire PC division, HP killed off its WebOS hardware line back in August – including the (then) fresh and new TouchPad tablet, which was hot off the metaphorical presses. In order to clear excess inventory, HP sold its tablet for the unheard-of price of just $100, hence the high sales numbers. Since the TouchPad is still officially KIA and its back stock is dwindling, don’t expect similar sales results in 2012. And while NPD told CNET that the TouchPad grabbed 17 percent of all none-iPad tablet sales, consider that all none-iPad Apple sales combined only sold 1.2 million, while the iPad sold 11.1 million.

After HP, the top  tablet sales slots of 2011 (so far) go to Samsung, Asus, Motorola Mobility and Acer, in that order.

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