HP's "Chameleon" Concept Laptop Designed to Surf the Web, Avoid Predators

Maximum PC Staff

Designer Nikita Buyanov was commissioned by HP and Intel to design a series of conceptual laptops aimed at women, and the Chameleon is the end result.

The conceptual Chameleon features a series of three cameras, which it uses to blend in to its surroundings, by means of “adaptive microcell coverage” (also, it’ll blend into your pants pretty well).

Some of the other concepts are a machine that can be used as a scale that’s aimed at fitness, and even a pink notebook that can give manicures. While these ideas seem a bit lofty, it sure is fun to see what designers come up with when they’re put under a bright light!

To see the other concepts, check out Buyanov’s page, here .

Image Credit: Behance Network

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