HP Sees Spike in PC Sales, Posts Quarterly Revenue of $28.2 Billion



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But, guys! PC gaming is dead, didn't you all get the memo!?




Desktop PC's aren't going anywhere, in fact I know more people with a desktop computer today than I did ten years ago.

PC gaming is strong, thanks to Steam. Monitors are beautiful, thanks to Dell. Power Supplies are quiet, thanks to Corsair. And last but not least, NVIDIA and AMD are making some really sweet graphics cards, powerful and quiet.

Windows 8.1 is a success, and is a beautiful/fast OS, can't wait for Update 1.



I now have no issues with 8.1, in fact while I do not like some of the i-Kiddie features, it performs well, it is fast and very stable. I have actually optimized and categorized the start screen. I set up a group of utilities including CPU-z, GPU-Z, Real Temp, SiSoft, Prime 95 Etc. and I find doing that useful. I boot to and stay on the desktop 98% of the time but if I want to benchmark or check something a quick flip to the start screen for whatever utility I want is convenient.
While I loved Win 98, Win Xp, Win 7 they all exhibited some occasional instability and I must admit (as a previous Win 8 hater) that Win 8.1 is perhaps the most stable OS I have used yet. I also use touch for my tablet but touch is useless on my main rig which is a desktop with my monitors almost a yard away. If I could totally disable touch for my desktop rig I would but really, no biggie. Onward.......



Pollyanna much? Windows 8.1 a success? LOL fucking LOL....

Oh, yeah--you guys are just shitting yourselves over HP going public with Windows 7 availability. This is your version of "viral damage control" or something. Mention 8 to plant the seed that it is somehow responsible for any bump in PC sales. Whatever....



I bet this has something to do with what they said, that they will still use and support Win7 as a pre-installed OS with their PCs.


Renegade Knight

Could be. Lenovo innovates. HP went back to 7. Dell went private. They all have their own strategy.