HP Pavilion dm1z Review



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Agree with the review, this laptop has good form factor and I think the battery life is ok.

I have this laptop for 7 months, there is one issue, the touchpad button. The left button fires off by itself randomly and automatically. When typing (and carefully not touching the touch pad), it fires the left click to move the cursor to somewhere else. Worse, it will fires repeatedly and highlighted a block of text, the next keystroke deleted that block of text.

The laptop has been sent to HP for repair twice and is on its way to to HP again the thrid time (in 7 weeks). Each time they simply replaced the trackpad.

Techsupport is  not helpful as usual. I have been on the phone with them for more than 3 hours. They escalated to a case manager who told me that the only resolution is to keep sending it back until my warranty expired. At this rate, the laptop will travel around the earth a couple of times. Looks like they are hoping a frustrated customer to simply give up.

The case manager also told me that he has no supervisor, I have reached a dead end in tech support. He advised me to find other ways to escalate.




In for one based on this MPC review. It's on sale for less than $400 all in from HP. See Slickdeals.

Such harsh comments. The MainConcept score is a little screwy (not sure if that's how it was in the mag).

I believe this review was actually in the June issue, which subscribers would have received in May. Still a bit of a delay, but still relevant. I read MPC for trustworthy, concise, curated articles, so I still appreciate the reviews. I can always check other websites to make sure I didn't miss out on anything significant in the meantime.

@jasondunn, thanks for the info.



As the owner of a dm1z, this review missed a coulpe of key points: first, the statement about access to the RAM and hard is "neither easy of obvious" couldn't be more off the mark. When you remove the battery, you can see two finger holds that you simply pull up on, and the entire bottom shell of the laptop comes off. You can access the hard drive, the RAM, and every other part that can be user-replaced. It's freakin' awesome - I wish all laptops were that easy to access parts on! I don't know how it could be easier.

As as much as I like this laptop overall, the one con that should *definitely* be on the list is the fact that the fan never turns off. It just blows and blows. It's not loud, but it's not silent either...it seems AMD can't make a system that runs cool.

Overall this laptop is one of the best bang-for-the-buck products I've ever owned, but for some people, the fan might irritate them.



It sounds like a great deal, and I'm kicking myself for having spent $399 on a netbook when I could've gotten this for just a bit more. DO WANT!

And livebriand, this review was originally in the January issue of the print magazine. You want the timliest reviews, gotta pony up the cash! ;-)



Sheesh, you're only showing this now? This model came out in January! Besides, the base price for it (320GB 7200GB HD, 6-cell, 3GB RAM) is $450. I can get a Lenovo Thinkpad x120e for that price with the same hd, battery, and 2GB RAM (sans BT, which the hp has by default). But I get better build quality, known reliability, a matte screen, a great keyboard, and a trackpoint. I went with the Lenovo. Oh, and that was a month ago. This isn't the latest stuff anymore.



Ok so its a slow work day and I even read this article. But how is 134 only 10.4% less than 251 Main Concept score??!!

Also, according to :

"The only benchmarks that the dm1z ceded to the 1215N were MainConcept, where the latter’s four processing threads gave it the advantage, and in battery life, where the 1215N’s Optimus technology was able to disable the discrete graphics and eke out an additional hour of juice in our video rundown test."

shouldn't the results be reversed? The 1215N should take less time to encode than the hp. This is a sub par article and not something I would expect from MPC. I always wondered what Kat brought to the team (I know it's none of my business, except I am a MPC subscriber and I don't want to waste time reading articles/reviews by people that don't know what they are taking about.). Answer is apparently not much.