HP Learns Yoga, Launches Flexible Pavilion x360 with 360-Degree Hinge



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At $400 I doubt it is being marketed to business or is running Windows. So you should be comparing it to Yoga 10 which is running Android and is priced at $275. Not the business Yoga which is price at $1049 that is running Windows.



If they were really smart, they would deactivate the keyboard when it is turned all the way around to prevent accidental button presses when holding/placing down. But I bet there is a plastic ribbon cable inside that hinge and after a year or two of flipping that hinge, I wonder how well it would hold up?



boost for mainstream products

imo Pavilion x360 vs Lenovo Flex series as mainstream product line instead of Yoga as a premium line.

An attempt of both HP and Lenovo in fighting back against the crowd saying "PC is dead" ?

Adding to recent news that MS is dropping OEM windows 8 license prices in an attempt to cut overall costs of budget line PC base devices to compete against Versus Chromebooks, android tablets price points.

Introducing a sub$400 portable, Window8 touch w/ 360 flex design , adding style in color. you get a fully working OS, cheap + usable device without Tablet/chromebooks' limited functionality.

only missing part are SSDs in these mainstream products.