HP Envy TouchSmart 4 Review



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I'd be a bit more interested in seeing a larger laptop with that new LeapMotion built in. Solves the problem with OCD people. (and maybe they could jack up the resolution to at least 1080p if not 2560x1440)



All this focus on touchscreen implementation into PCs is quite frustrating to me. I may be old fashioned, but in my opinion touchscreens only belong in tablets and smart phones, not in laptops and desktops.

Having a touchscreen in my laptop would drive me positively insane. Maybe it's mild OCD, but I can't stand dirty screens. I wouldn't be able to handle all the smudgies. A desktop with a 22-, 24-, or 27-inch touchscreen would be a nightmare.Plus it seems very non-intuitive and unproductive on such a large screen. A mouse (or trackpad) and a keyboard just seems faster.

Of course, all this is my own opinion. I do hope this touchscreen craze is just a fad, and will pass. Sorta like the whole 3D thing a couple years ago.



It doesn't fold into a tablet and only has a 720 screen?

The pixelation on the display of my Lenovo Yoga drives me nuts, and it is 1600 * 900. I couldn't deal with this HP device.

My eyesight isn't the greatest, not by a long shot, but since PC makers seem to be operating under the assumption that my eyesight should be far, far worse (the never-ending stream of low-res screens) perhaps I will have to jump to an Apple product and use Bootcamp, as Apple believes that its customers have functioning eyes.



If resolution is what you seek, might I suggest the Google Chromebook Pixel? It's got a really nice 2,560x1,700 screen. Only problem is that it's a chromebook..



I appreciate the suggestion and I must admit that I'm awestruck by its screen resolution but I am very leery of its "chromebook-ness".

I suppose that my OP was unduly harsh on this device for the compared Yoga is, in my experience, a pretty nifty device and if this HP is almost as nifty, as MPC says it is, then it can't be as bad as my OP would make it out to be. Though IMO all ultrabook-esque devices should seek to emulate at least the tablet conversion capability of the Yoga (if not also "stand" & "tent").

I suppose that I could use it, in retrospect, for I've used fairly extensively a netbook with a 1024*600 screen, which is like looking at the world through a low-grade window screen, but I wouldn't relish the experience lol.