HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse Available Now

Pulkit Chandna

Last month, we told you about an upcoming Wi-Fi mouse from the world’s leading PC vendor HP. Well, the company quietly stripped the wireless rodent of its upcoming tag on Friday. Available now for $50 , HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is the first of its kind. HP is making a big deal about the fact that you do not need to reserve a USB port for an external receiver, as the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse does not require one. Actually, it is a big deal that it connects directly “using your computer's built-in Wi-Fi receiver,” especially if you don’t like the sight of dongles jutting out from your notebook

It features a laser sensor with adjustable sensitivity (1200 CPI default, 1600 CPI max) and has 5 programmable buttons. The company says that the mouse has a battery life of 9 months. If you wish to purchase it, just bear in mind that It is only compatible with a Windows 7-running machine with a WIN7 logo certified Wi-Fi network adapter.

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