Maximum PC Staff Mar 30, 2011

HP Webcam HD-3110 Review

At A Glance


Excellent industrial design with useful buttons.


Mediocre performance on action videos; confusing software bundle.

Looks clunky but is flexible and versatile

The HD-3110 looks a bit boxy and bulky for a midrange cam. Even if it does remind you of your grandma’s Buick from the 1980s, it makes up for its lack of style with functionality. The clip works well, and once mounted on your monitor or desk, it pivots, offering a full range of motion. The buttons on the front let you take photos or start and stop video recording; this comes in handy if you need a quick snapshot or video of something and don’t want to juggle your mouse and/or look at the screen when capturing the image.

Video and audio quality were good, though not quite at the top of the heap. We found that the cam performed better at typical videoconferencing tasks than recording full-motion video. The bundled software is licensed from ArcSoft, and though full-featured, it gets confusing since the features are divided among several different apps.

Though it didn’t offer quite the best performance in some areas, the utilitarian design and low price make the HP-3110 a camera worth serious consideration.

$50, www.hp.com


HP Webcam HD-3110

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