HP Unveils Cloud-enabled Future of Printing

Pulkit Chandna

With smart phones and other internet-enabled devices growing in popularity, an increasing number of applications that have hitherto remained exclusive to the PC are going mobile. Printing will soon   break the shackles and cease to rely on any particular device. Internet Week's inaugural day in New York saw Hewlett-Packard unveil its all new ePrint service that will let users print from any device capable of sending e-mails.

Each ePrint-enabled printer will ship with a unique e-mail address so that all print tasks can be simply emailed to the printer from any internet-enabled device. ePrint printers, if you haven't already guessed it, will be tapping into the cloud. There is no need to worry about drivers and formatting as the HP ePrint Web service will be taking care of all such issues.

HP's ePrintCenter will function as the online command center, where the user will be able to manage printers and print tasks. Print tasks can even lie dormant in the cloud, only to be executed at a scheduled time. This feature, according to HP, can transform the printer into a content delivery system: “Users simply register for the news or content feeds of their choice through the HP ePrintCenter and schedule the day, time and frequency of delivery so items will be printed and waiting when they want them.”

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