HP Tries to Earn Style Points with Three New Pavilion PCs

Paul Lilly

HP has given its Pavilion desktop line some fresh digs, both inside and out. New models consist of the HPE h8, Slimline s5, and p7 series. Each one is aimed at a different core audience, however all three boast clean lines, soft forms, contrasting materials, and a glossy black front panel layered over a metallic base to give depth and dimension to the new towers, HP says . Sliding front panels hide unsightly ports and drives, resulting in a polished, clean appearance. Listening to HP describe these things, we don't know if we should be intrigued or turned on.

While HP had no trouble telling us about all the seductive curves, the OEM was much less forthcoming on what's actually inside these things. Here's what we know. The Pavilion p7 series is designed for "everyday computing at a great value," which means it's an entry-level PC.

The next model on the runway is the Pavilion Slimline s5 series. These are compact PCs aimed at users who place a premium on desk space, and HP promises these will squeeze into tight quarters, yet are "configurable to offer maximum storage and processors to support the most demanding multitaskers."

The leader of the group is the Pavilion HPE h8 series. HP says these are the most powerful Pavilion PCs to date and can be configured with up to three internal hard drives, AMD Phenom or Intel Core i7 processors, and high-end Nvidia or ATI graphics.

Look for the Slimline s5 to begin shipping online on June 15 starting at $330, and both the p7 and HPE h8 on May 18 starting at $300 and $600, respectively. All three models will be in select stores beginning June 19.

Image Credit: HP

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