HP TouchPad Coming in June, WebOS on PCs Late 2011

Ryan Whitwam

In a questions and answer session at the HP Summit, HP CEO Leo Apotheker dropped some interesting bits of news about HP's upcoming WebOS offerings. Perhaps the most notable announcement is that the HP TouchPad will be out in June of this year. There were fear that it would not appear until later in the summer. Additionally, HP Is forging ahead with WebOS for your PC.

Apotheker indicated the launch of the TouchPad will be just the beginning for HP's WebOS push. The PC beta of WebOS will be coming late in 2011 and should integrate with HP's exiting devices when it is available. Apotheker reiterated HP's goal to ship as many WebOS products as possible, he predicted 100 million per year. The software will be on tablets, phones, printers, and PCs.

HP seems to be taking the approach that if the saturate the market with their platform, developers will take note, and users will take another look. HP is not ruling out Windows as a platform though, and may even ship Windows tablets. How do you think HP's strategy will work out? Can WebOS on a PC help the platform?

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