HP to Scoop Up Quick-Boot OS from Phoenix


Why build your own Linux-based quick-boot OS when you can just snatch one up for someone else? That seems to be the philosophy with HP, which will grab the HyperSpace software from Phoenix for about $12 million, Phoenix said.

Like other quick-booting OSes, HyperSpace is built around Linux and loads within a few seconds. HyperSpace, Splashtop, and other similar software are ideal for users who want to quickly surf the web, fire off an email, view an image, or perform other basic tasks in a hurry without waiting for Windows to load, which can take up to several minutes, depending on how old the machine is and what shape it's in.

In addition to the OS, HP will also buy the assets surrounding HyperCore, an embedded hypervisor that allows HyperSpace to run certain core services along with the Windows OS, Networkworld.com reports. Phoenix expects to close the transaction by the end of the month.

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