HP Testing Windows 8 On TouchPad

Ryan Whitwam

HP seems to be rethinking its plans to get out of the consumer business with new CEO Meg Whitman at the helm. According to HP itself, it has been testing the Windows 8 developer release on the defunct HP TouchPad. This is just being done as a proof-of-concept right now, but there have even been talks of reviving the device as a Windows 8 slate.

The TouchPad was launched last summer only to be killed off a few weeks later by former CEO Leo Apotheker. HP then sold the devices at a steep discount to clear out inventory, but now they might regret that. The TouchPad ran webOS on a dual-core Snapdragon SoC that could might handle the  Windows 8 Metro UI quite well.

This does nothing to reduce confusion over what HP plans to do with webOS. There have been rumors that webOS could be sold, but its unlikely anyone would buy. At this point, it’s looking less likely that any future HP tablet will run webOS. Any TouchPad users out there that would be into a Windows 8 upgrade?

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