HP Starts Talking webOS Tablets Again, What the Hell?

Paul Lilly

If Hewlett-Packard were a living, breathing entity, it might have a future in politics where it's perfectly acceptable (or least expected) to flip-flop on key issues. You know, things like whether or not to forge ahead with its PC business, the $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm only to later flip webOS to the open source crowd, and the whole TouchPad fiasco. And did we mention HP is once again interested in building webOS tablets?

HP swore off webOS hardware not all that long ago, and even went so far as to purge its promising TouchPad inventory in a fire sale, but a new day brings new desires to a company that doesn't seem suddenly seeking an identity and in desperate need of direction. In a recent interview with The Verge , HP CEO Meg Whitman conveyed renewed interest in tablets and a disinterest in smartphones.

When asked point blank if HP will be creating any new webOS hardware, Whitwam responded, "The answer to that is yes but what I can't tell you is whether that will be in 2012 or not. But we will use webOS in new hardware, but it's just going to take us a little longer to reorganize the team in a quite different direction what we've been taking it in the past."

Whitman told The Verge that tablets are a real possibility, though "I do not believe we will be in the smartphone business again." Cynical translation: Probably smartphones.

You can read the rest of the interview with plenty of webOS insight here .

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