HP Settles Printer Ink Dispute with Print-Rite

Paul Lilly

Good news for Hewlett Packard, who said it has reached a settlement agreement with Print-Rite Holdings Ltd., a Hong Kong-based firm accused of running afoul of HP's inkjet cartridge patents.

"We are pleased with this amicable settlement, which serves as a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to protecting HP's investments in intellectual property," said Stephen Nigro, senior vice president, Inkjet and Web Services Business, Imaging and Printing Group, HP.

As dictated by the settlement, Print-Rite legally acknowledges that HP's patents are valid and agrees to stop selling products involved in the dispute.

HP settled similar patent disputes with three other firms last month, and is in the process of settling numerous complaints with other companies that sell similar inkjet cartridges.

Image Credit: dlp108.com

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