HP Sets the Record Straight on PC Warranties, webOS Updates, and More

Paul Lilly

There's been plenty of discussion and speculation revolving around Hewlett-Packard's recent surprise announcement that it wants to spin off its PC business, ditch webOS hardware, and focus its efforts primarily on the software side of things. There's also been a lot of questions, such as what is HP thinking, what will happen to product warranties, why abandon the TouchPad and webOS phones so quickly, and more. In a new article on its SMB website, HP attempts to "set the record straight" on these queries and more.

HP covers quite a bit of ground in what essentially boils down to an FAQ page. It starts off with HP talking about its decision to shop around its PC business (Personal Systems Group, or PSG), and unfortunately the OEM doesn't offer a whole lot of additional insight that hasn't already been said. HP did, however, make it clear that it intends to develop its roadmap for future products and "will be even more aggressive in bringing technology to market." You'll still be able to buy HP PC products, as evidenced by a handful of recent notebook and all-in-one desktop announcements , and HP promises to honor all warranty obligations "regardless of PSG's future ownership status."

The OEM also reiterated it's commitment to webOS, at least on the software side. As for the hardware, "the webOS devices have not gained enough traction in the marketplace with consumers and we see too long a ramp-up in market share. By discontinuing operations for the devices, we will be able to focus more resources on developing and enhancing the webOS platform." That includes continuing to support and deliver over-the-air updates, an interesting proposition given the TouchPad's recent fire sale. HP's comments seem to indicate it will continue to update the TouchPad's software, which is great news for anyone who managed to snag one of the discounted tablets, assuming HP follows through.

You can view the rest of the FAQ here .

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