HP Plans To Sell Remaining Touchpads To Themselves

Maximum PC Staff

HP announced several weeks ago that it would receive a final batch of Touchpad’s before finally ramping down operations, but with an estimated build cost of over $300 each, many wondered why they would even bother. Even if they had certain volume commitments to the fabrication companies, by the time HP boxes and ships these off to retailers, they would be even further in the hole. So why did HP do a final run of Touchpad’s you ask? Looks like they plan to blow them out to employees.

HP’s plans to sell of the tablets internally came via a leaked employee email, but unfortunately, didn’t reveal what the PC giant would do if it had any remaining units following the employee offering. Sales to staff are expected to begin on September 28th, so if you’re still hoping to get your hands on a dead end tablet, keep your eyes on hp.com over the next few weeks.

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