HP Launches ProBook Laptops for Business Users

Paul Lilly

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has tapped into AMD's stable of chips to power the company's upcoming ProBook laptop line. According to HP, architectural improvements in processor design have resulted in up to 69 percent better performance and up to 72 percent more battery life than previous AMD-based notebooks.

Among the new models are three ProBook S-series and two ProBook B-series, which will come configurable with AMD's Phenom II, Turion II, and Athlon II chips, including dual-, triple-, and quad-core parts, HP said. Other AMD ProBooks will include the 4325s, 4425s, and 4525s with screens ranging from 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches. Pricing will start out at $619 with availability slated for May.

There will also be a handful of ProBook laptops sporting Intel hardware inside, such as the 6445b and 6555b. These will ship in June starting at $779 and come with the same screen sizes as the above AMD laptops.

According to AMD's Dirk Meyer, the chip maker is "under represented" in the laptop space, which the company hopes to change with these new processors.

Image Credit: Hewlett Packard

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