HP Issues Firmware Update to Address Vulnerability in LaserJet Printers

Pulkit Chandna

Late last month, researchers at Columbia University claimed to have discovered a vulnerability in some HP LaserJet printers that, if exploited, could let attackers set printers on fire from afar. HP bristled at the suggestion and went as far as calling it “ sensational and inaccurate reporting. ” Despite ruling out any remote combustion potential in any of its printers, the company did acknowledge the security vulnerability and offered to issue a remedial firmware update at the earliest. That firmware update is now available. Hit the jump for more.

“HP has built a firmware update to mitigate this issue and is communicating this proactively to customers and partners,” the company announced in a statement. “No customer has reported unauthorized access to HP. HP reiterates its recommendation to follow best practices for securing devices by placing printers behind a firewall and, where possible, disabling remote firmware upload on exposed printers.”

The said update for HP LaserJet printers can be found at www.hp.com/support (select Drivers).

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