HP Introduces Industry's First Wi-Fi Rodent with 9 Month Battery Life

Paul Lilly

A wireless mouse solves one problem while simultaneously introducing another, and it's up to you to decide if cutting the cord (and maybe a bit of clutter) is worth the trade-off of giving up a USB port for the wireless receiver. HP's engineers didn't think so, but rather than throw in the towel, they went and developed the new HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, the first mouse to connect quickly and easily without a USB dongle using a PC's built-in Wi-Fi receiver. Genius!

HP's Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse boasts up to nine months of battery life, or more than twice that of comparable Bluetooh models, and comes adorned with five customizable buttons. There's a smooth, four-way tilt scroll wheel, rubber sides for improved grip, and a sculpted form that should suit both left- and right-handed users.

On a related note, HP also unveiled new PC accessories compatible with the company's Link-5 technology, which lets users connect up to five HP-compatible devices with a single receiver. New products, prices, and release dates include:

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, $50 (June)
HP Wireless Mini Keyboard, $60 (available now)
HP Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard, $60 (available now)
HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard, $50 ($July)
HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse, $30 (June)
HP Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse, $40 (June)
HP Wireless Mobile Mouse, $25 (June)

Image Credit: HP

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