HP Internally Promises webOS Tablet by Q1 2011

Ryan Whitwam

Everyone's been expecting a webOS tablet to come out of the HP purchase of Palm. Now there are some whispers from HP employees that a webOS tablet is coming by Q1 of 2011 . Apparently, HP's VP of Personal Systems, Todd Bradley let it slip in an employee meeting just yesterday. Bradley also confirmed that the project is internally known as "Hurricane", which jives with some earlier rumors.

Palm filed for a trademark on " PalmPad " not long ago, so it appears the pieces are falling into place. Little has been heard from Palm since the acquisition, and Palm execs are jumping ship at an astounding rate. We worry about what this means for the vision Palm had 18 months ago when we first saw the Pre. It's also a concern that the product is targeted for Q1 2011. If that slips even a little, people may have moved on and forgotten about webOS. Do you think a webOS slate can make a splash that late in the game?

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