HP Flexible Display Technology is Nearing Reality

Justin Kerr

HP has been working on flexible displays for some time now, but it appears as though they may be a bit further along than we originally thought. The technology is still pretty far from ever being commercialized, but a recent presentation captured by the guys over at Hardware.info shows off one of the early working prototypes being touted around by top execs. They didn't actually show it in action, but the simple fact that you can roll it up gives it some serious geek cred.

HP claims that despite it's inherent flexibility, the future of the technology lies in making screens smaller and lighter than they are today. Anyone who has ever shoved a phone in their pocket would probably agree that a screen the consistency of paper is probably a bad idea, and we can't wait until more details are announced. Until then you'll just have to amuse yourself with the picture above, and the short video hosted on You Tube which you can check out below.

Sure you can't dunk it in water , but it's the closest we've seen to the real deal in a flexible display.

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