HP Fights Back! New Video Shows 'Slate' Handle Tons of Different Digital Content

Paul Lilly

Do you find yourself utterly unimpressed with Apple's iPad, yet intrigued by the prospect of handheld tablets? Perhaps HP's Slate is everything you hoped the iPad would ultimately be, but isn't. That appears to be the message HP is trying to send with its latest video and blog post showcasing their upcoming tablet.

"Think about the last time you chatted with friends over Skype on your notebook," HP writes . "Or uploaded a picture from your mobile phone to Facebook or Flickr. How about the last time you viewed images or video from an SD card or a USB device. We know that you expect to be able to capture and share digital content on your mobile devices. And the HP slate device excels there."

HP went on to say that they're putting a lot of thought into the Slate's design so that the end product delivers an optimal mobile experience, and from the short 30-second video, it appears they're well on track. Powered by Windows 7 and equipped with a built-in camera, HP's video shows the Slate recording video, taking a conference call in Skype, swallowing a 16GB memory card into its side, and even streaming content to a big screen TV. And Flash? It does that too.

Still no word on price or release date, but we're hoping for 'competitive' and 'soon.'

Could this really be the iPad killer HP is hoping for? Post your impressions in the comments section below.

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